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Welcome to the world of Blast Dwarf! Looking to dig the most dirt that has ever been dug? Join Winchester on this mad arcade adventure today!

The year is 1885 and an eerie curse has taken over the mines, only a man with a passion to dig and his trusty shotgun can save the day. The strange magic has turned everything in the miner's camp into manic haunted ghosts! Everything is possessed and only one guy can stop the madness.

Just when he thought he'd dug his way through a lifetime of dirt, Winchester the miner must go back into the dig site one last time.

Help him overcome these mysterious manic spectres and reclaim the mines for the frontier!

Featuring classic arcade gameplay, see how long you can last and just how much gold you can collect along the way! After all, Winchester needs to eat and those shotgun shells ain't gonna pay fer themselves pardner... You must dig, dig, dig!


- Tunnels
- Terrible Controls
- A Dwarf Cowboy

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